Chatbot 2.0

Get ready to take your social media game to the next level with Yielding Protocol's DOGETWT Chatbot 2.0! Our AI-powered chatbot can help you accelerate your revenue by learning from your social media audience data. With this feature, you can:
  • Customizable posts and images: Our platform lets you create and customize posts and images the way you want to better connect with your followers and audience;
  • Recommendations for more engagement: Get recommendations and examples of what to post to receive more engagement and reach;
  • Track mentions of your brand: Monitor all your social media mentions and track your brand's reputation online;
  • Discover emerging trends: Stay ahead of the game and find emerging consumer trends to inform your content strategy;
  • Expand your audience: Find new audiences to share your content with and grow your reach;
  • Get alerts on your reputation: Receive alerts on your page/account reputation to stay on top of any potential issues;
  • Monitor all social mentions: Keep tabs on all your social media mentions in one place;
  • Identify new promotional avenues: Discover new promising avenues for promoting your page/account and increasing your revenue;
  • Schedule posts for maximum impact: Schedule your social media posts for the best time and day to optimize your reach and engagement.